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Date: Sun, 09 Apr 2000 00:14:22 +0100
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Subject: [Fwd: >>>>Downland under threat<<<<]

Worthing Car Park Appeal Successful

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Dear Friends,


Following a mountain of objections, Worthing Borough Council have refused the application to build the Downland car park. However the applicant may appeal to the Secretary of State for the Environment and we may have to call on your support again. Many thanks for your help.

Best wishes,



John wrote on the 21 March 2000 -

Dear Friends, Worthing Borough Council has before them an application for a car park to be built on Downland, north of the Daewoo motor company in Lyons Way (B+Q) Worthing. If this application were to succeed it could set a dangerous precedent and put a large area of Downland under concrete. Please could I ask you to write and object to this vandalism. Today if possible!

The Application No is WB/00/00118/FULL Land North of Daewoo Lyons Way.

Address for objections is -

Mike Bleakley Head of Planning
Worthing Borough Council
Town Hall

Fax - 01903 207365
E-mail -



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