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Date: Sat, 25 Mar 2000 13:54:10 GMT
From: Jo Makepeace (
To: Multiple recipients of list (
Subject: SchNEWS 252, Friday 24th March 2000


"Mayday is Green - because it is the arrival of Spring, an ancient festival of renewal, hope and transformation, celebrated for thousands of years right across the Western Hemisphere; it is Black because the struggle for the 8 hour day came to a head with an enormous strike across the US on May 1st 1886 and the consequent execution of some of its anarchist organisers was to be a turning point in late 19th century radical politics; and it is Red because four years later in 1889 MayDay was adopted as Workers' Day by the International Labour Congress and has been celebrated across the world ever since."

May 1st is the next big date for your diaries. The next co-ordinated day of anti-capitalist action across the globe, following on from the fine tradition of the global street parties in May '98 (SchNEWS 168), the world's financial districts on June 18th (SchNews 217/8), and the demonstrations against the World Trade Organisation last November (SchNEWS 240).

Digging for Victory with Reclaim The Streets: "Guerrilla gardening is a way to reclaim open space, protect biodiversity, enhance food security and challenge capitalism. Bring with you everything you need to make a Guerrilla Garden: a sapling, vegetable seedlings, flowers, herbs. Subvert the packaging of capital: turn designer trainers into plant pots, traffic cones into hanging baskets... Start planting NOW!"

Meet 11am Parliament Square.

For top Guerrilla Gardening tips go to

Other events include a very big surprise for the Millennium Dome!

For a lowdown on events elsewhere check out

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