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Subject: living without cruelty 2000

Living Without Cruelty Exhibition - March 17-19

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Subject: Living Without Cruelty 2000


Never mind the Dome ... Here's the Living Without Cruelty Exhibition

Leading human rights, environmental and fair trade groups are joining forces to create the Millennium Maze, centrepiece of Animal Aid's Living Without Cruelty Exhibition, to be staged March 17-19 at Kensington Town Hall.

The exhibition - dedicated to a more peaceful and compassionate future - will provide, says Animal Aid, the perfect antidote to the malfunctioning trivia of the Greenwich Dome. As the exhibition's central feature, the Millennium Maze will offer an educational and entertaining experience, raising some of the most important dilemmas facing humanity in the 21st century.

Visitors will embark on a journey through visions of the future, confronting issues such as transport and energy efficiency, recycling, our relationship with animals, food production, wildlife and habitat destruction.

They will be taken through a banana plantation to the rainforest, past the fairtrade chocolate shop to a refugee house and a display celebrating wildlife.

They can tip-toe through a minefield, meet a giant radioactive lobster in the nuclear nightmare, or a genetically engineered half-human, half-beast minotaur in the food production zone. The Millennium Maze incorporates everything from computers and CD-Roms to giant whales and creepy-crawly compost. At the end, organisers Animal Aid invite everybody to take their Millennium Pledge - a choice of ten steps towards a less violent world for humans and animals.

The Millennium Maze is being specially created by Animal Aid with contributions from Amnesty International, The Centre for Alternative Technology, Friends of the Earth, Fairtrade Foundation, World Development Movement, British Trust for Conservation Volunteers, Campaign Against the Arms Trade, Christian Aid, Transport 2000, WasteWatch, Banana Link - plus numerous animal protection groups.

Says Living Without Cruelty Exhibition director Mark Gold:

'Many, many people want access to information that will help them become as effective as they possibly can be in opposing injustice and tyranny. And that is exactly what The Living Without Cruelty 2000 Exhibition is all about - empowering individuals to make their personal statement against cruelty and oppression.'

For details of other features, or more information on the Millennium Maze, contact -
Andrew Tyler 01732 364546 - Mark Gold 01404 831763

Living Without Cruelty 2000 Exhibition
Kensington Town Hall, Hornton Street, London W8
March 17-19th 2000
(Friday 10.30am-6pm, Saturday 10.30am-7pm, Sunday 10.00am-5pm)

Entrance Prices -
Waged £3.50
Unwaged £2.50 (OAPs, unemployed and young people 5-16)
Family Ticket £10 (2 adults and 2 children)

(Issued 24/1/00)

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