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From: (penfold)
Subject: Re: spp
Date: Wed, 12 Jan 2000 10:14:56 GMT

Parliamentary Committee transcripts re Turnstall (Stoke-on-Trent) available

The committee's report has been published, and should be available from -

There should also be a brief extract at -

- the website was being visited daily by local council during the committee hearing. The Transcripts might make boring reading for those not involved, but I suppose could show those about to attend one, the sort of reception they'll receive.

We thought the committee's report supported our arguments but they decided the developments it opened up were more important. Yesterday though we learned that one of the big developments planned was refused planning permission in cabinet and goes to full council early next month - we're going to see if we can use that to stop it.

At the moment we're in touch with the goverment office for the west midlands, to make sure the council follow exactly what the committee wished, and hope it delays the process some more as the current funding for the road ends in March this year.

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