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"I'll rip your fucking balls off..."

My guestbook was there to provide enjoyment to visitors and feedback to me. Therefore comments which are merely irrelevant, obscene or unpleasant were deleted. The entry below was all three - it may look like a troll but further correspondence established that the beliefs expressed were indeed genuine. Although it has been published elsewhere on the net, it seems appropriate to republish it here, if only to meet the sender's objection to it being removed from the guestbook.

the following guestbook entry, dated 2 May 2000, came from Graham Fewster of Abergavenny -
"All right you bunch of cowardly leftwing dropouts, learn your place. You are all nothing. Why? Because none of you ever acheived anything, if you think your protests and vandalism are acheivements, then think again."

"If you can think at all, that is. What happened in central London on May 1st was absolutely dis-fucking-graceful. Businesses vandalised, monuments vandalised, statues vandalised, police attacked, lawns mutilated. Hope you are all fucking proud of yourselves. Sir Winston Churchill was one of the greatest (and probably THE greatest) leader that this nation has ever had. Were it not for him, his patriotism, his resolve, and his dedication to the British people, none of you lot (or me for that matter) would be alive today. Why? Because our parents would all have been slaughtered following the German invasion and occupation of Britain. How dare you deface a statue erected in his honour?!!!!!!"

"And the Centotaph! Our national monument to all the hundreds of thousands of brave men who gave their lives defending our nation. You bunch of commie hippy dropouts deface that too? No wonder Britain is fading as a global power with people like you lot in our midst. What you lot need is a good fucking beating. You are all cowards, I saw you on the news, hiding your identities, bunch of gutless pathetic excuses for human beings."

"Learn some bloody respect, people gave their lives so you have the right to demonstrate, and what do you do? Abuse that entitlement! I'm no coward, I don't conceal my identity like you lot, you are free to come and challenge me. Any one of you who admits to taking part in defacing national monuments on May 1st, come and see how I think you should be dealt with. On a Saturday lunchtime, get a train to Abergavenny station in south Wales, ask for directions to Maggie's cafe, and then ask to see me. I'll rip your fucking balls off for what you did to our country."

Graham Fewster <gfewster@hotmail.com>
Abergavenny, Wales, UK - Tuesday, May 02, 2000 at 23:35:24 (BST)

Winston Churchill was British Prime Minister in 1940-1945 and again in 1951-1955. Widely admired at the time for his stubbornness and patriotism, he has since been criticised as a racist, a bigot and a warmonger. He defended colonialism, opposed the movement to extend voting rights to women, was responsible for sending in troops to put down striking Welsh miners, and was the first to authorise and enthusiastically endorse the use of poison gas against civilians, or "uncivilised tribes" as he then described the Kurds. During the second of the major European wars of the 20th century, he represented Britain in an alliance with the USSR (led by Joseph Stalin) and the USA (led by Franklin Roosevelt).

The Commander-in-chief of the German armed forces was Adolf Hitler, whose respect for Britain deterred him from invading England in 1940. His extreme nationalism and hatred of Communism led to the deaths of millions of Russians soldiers following an occupation of the Ukraine and the subsequent march on Moscow. After the conflict ended in 1945 he was condemned as being directly responsible for atrocities commited against various political religious racial and social groups, including anarchists, homosexuals, Jews, the mentally ill and the Roma.

Adolf Hitler and Winston Churchill were in some ways very similar, in that both of them are now remembered for their powerful oratory, influential writings and highly sought after paintings.

If, after that, you feel in need of an antidote to Graham Fewster's views, I recommend May Day 2000, Fergus Murray's excellent photo report of the Central London event.

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