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humour & paranoia

acronyms - I Blame Microsoft...

Beatles banned - Gulf & WOT Wars censorship

Billy The Kid and Sadd The Lad - a tale of two heroes

CAC - Campaign Against Campaigns

Cold Day in Hell - a supplement to Newton's Geography

COPEX - Russian Mafia funding the Quakers

Customer Support - the holy grail of web hosting

French Intellectuals - to be deployed in Afghanistan

guestbook abuse - a pair of balls to the winner for Y2K?

my favourite graffiti - Northern humour

Pachydermic Personnel Prediction - matching people to jobs

r.i.p. 1997 - extracts from Confusion News

Salary Theorem - why engineers earn less than salesmen

Seventeen Camels - a 1000 year old mathematical conundrum

The Animal and Insect Act - Amnesty poem

The Hackers - cartoon strip from Popular Computer Weekly

The Hierarchy of Power Semantics - plans and specifications

The Ultimate Urban Myth - this has to be true because...

THUTAPS - The HUman TApeworm Preservation Society

us and them - latest bombing schedule

US citizen injured in terrorist attack - Bush Nukes Africa

VWC - View With Confidence, the ultimate ratings system

Why did the chicken cross the road? - & links - updated June 2016

Windows98 Crash - transcript + CNN vid clip + MS links

Yankee bombers bombed - now it's a "war ON drugs"

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