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For those who struggled with Spectrums, Dragons, VIC20s, Amstrads and the rest in the early days, this was a time of frustration and joy - there was amazement at the hype, and delight that sometimes the hardware and software worked (almost) the way it was supposed to. All this was captured in the UK's leading nerdy cartoon strip 'The Hackers' which appeared in Popular Computing Weekly magazine.

Here were the organisations that would lead us towards the future - Binks Computers, Dibbens Industries, Gigabank, McTribblet Mega Corp, IGM, McNabs Biscuits, Ace Software, Fisk Disk, and the Prune Users Group (not forgetting of course IBM and CRAY). Whether dealing with Star Wars in the form of giant SDI templates, ID cards to prevent football crowd violence, or the encryption systems used to generate computer manuals, the triumph of technology over common sense is never in doubt!

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