8. Keeping the snowball rolling....

Your genetiX snowball action is not completed until you have invited more people to take nonviolent action by pulling up GM crops and at least two people have taken up your invitation. You will have the experience of the field to share with them. If each person in your group was to form one more new group to take action you will give the snowball an extra boost. Invite anyone you know, organise a public meeting, share your experiences with the audience and organise a follow-up meeting to start another group.

So now it is up to you to write the rest of this section. We will be printing a second edition of this handbook, making any necessary changes. We would love to have your contributions for this section for the next edition. Happy snowballing rolling over to you....

All power to the allotments

humanity is born free
but everywhere is in supermarket chains
buying 14.7cm long carrots
stripped of dirt, geography, effort, labour
stripped of content, context, joy and flavour

buying 14.7cm long carrots
stripped of carrothood

No! This Can Not Be So!
This Can Not Be Right
Carrots have rights
essential, self-evident Carrot Rights
to be accepted in their diversity
encouraged in their deviancy
to be eased and shaken from their familiar earth
with inefficient and unprofitable gratitude
to be greeted by the eyes that have
followed them from seed to seedling to maturity
to be welcomed by the eyes that will eat them

only thus
only thus will we see the demise
of the 14.7cm long carrotless carrot
carrot by carrot by carrot
shall we pull the synthetic rugs from under
the well-heeled feet of the Super Market Masters

More Power to Our Elbows!
& All Power to the Allotments!

power comes from the water barrel
of an allotment shed
power comes from the meeting
of rain and earth and sun
power comes from the blade of a spade
the turning of a fork
the rhythm of a hoe
power comes from the raw materials and means of production -
seed, earth, trowel, spade, watering can -
being in the hands of the proud and sweaty producer
in generous, toiling, filthy, happy hands
connected to generous, toiling, supple wrists
connected to generous, weathered forearms
connected to generous, toiling, unsung elbows

Yes! More Power to Our Elbows!
& All Power to the Allotments!

from each according to their agility
to each according to their taste

this land yields food fit for a
not a king nor a slave
but fit for a human being

this land levels pretension
this land plays host to the revolutions of the seasons
this land cradles
roots that undermine
this land is shadowed
by the joy of leaf and flower and fruit

this land is an earthy barricade
against the fascism
of conformist
uniformist uninformist bourgeois counter-revolutionary
counter-evolutionary petite bourgeois imperialist
materialist xenophobic terraphobic petty petite bourgeois
consumerist illusionist confusionist reactionary
refractionary petty petty petty bourgeois
fascistically lit super market vegetable displays

this land is an earthy barricade
this land is an earthy serenade
this land is an earthy cascade
of root, fruit, shoot, leaf, flower
of pod of sod of
fodder for stomach, heart and soul

Comrades in spades!
Let a hundred courgette flowers bloom!

let allotments roll higgledy piggledy across the land
like a harlequin's haphazard cloak of earthy hues

Comrades in spades
we have nothing to lose
but our neonic, demonic, necrophiliac, necrophobic
supermarket chains!

More Power to our Elbows!
All Power to the Allotments!

More Power to our Elbows!
All Power to the Allotments!

More Power to our Elbows!
All Power to the Allotments!

Stephen Hancock (available for performances: 01865 770833; stephen@gn.apc.org)
Elder Stubbs Festival, Oxford, Saturday 31st August 1996