2. What we want

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" They say that science is deciphering the information code of life, and that now multinational companies intend to cultivate life in their laboratories, so that it does not run around wild and unharnessed, squandering colour and gaiety with the coming of spring. But life is music. It has its own notes, and its rhythm and cadence, and its melodies. And it is a powerful and playful magic force that moves our heart and our feet, and our very soul. And life, like music, was made to spill over and flow freely, a gift to poor and to the powerful alike. There are a thousand tunes in this world, for those wanting to listen. And each tune is a little piece of the soul of people and - just like life - cannot be cultivated in the laboratory of a multinational company. For this very reason, now that capital wants to appropriate the notes that compose the diverse songs of life, we need to join efforts, and stop it."

Indigenous People's Biodiversity Network.

2.1 Aims & Objectives

The aims of genetiX snowball are as follows:

2.2 What we are calling for

Many people joined the original snowball campaign because their demands were so reasonable. To be more inclusive, and to involve a wide variety of people we are also making a reasonable request:

1. A five year moratorium on the deliberate release of GM plants in Britain, except for government sponsored ecological health and safety tests (in enclosed systems); and

2. The removal by government agencies, farmers or the biotechnology companies of all GM plants already existing.

genetiX snowball will be called off when this request is met.