some songs and poems from Ed McGeough

in 1996, Ed sent me a poorly recorded tape of early 90s Bob Dylan tracks which he introduced and occasionally sang along with - in between he sang a few songs accompanying himself on guitar, and said a few words, as was his way... there's a certain amount of background hiss which i don't have the necessary skills to remove without affecting the tone of Ed's voice - and unfortunately the tape runs out half way through his a cappella version of "Tambourine Man", but it was a song he loved, so it's been included

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Innocent Times  (2.5MB)
Railroad Bill  (2MB)
You Can Read It  (800K)
Just Loving You  (4.5MB)
Exultant  (1MB)
Once I Was Lost And Lonely  (800K)
Mr Tambourine Man  (1.5MB)

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revised 2 February 2023