St Norbert's Roman Catholic School
Crowle, Lincolnshire, England

class photos from long ago

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The Convent, Vicars Walk, Crowle
The Convent, Vicars Walk

Thythe House, Crowle
Tythe House
     The Convent, Vicars Walk, Crowle
The Convent Gardens

Tithe House, Crowle, 1950 (aerial view)
Tythe House (1950)

1946-50 (?) - the full school

1948-50 (?) - Sister Cecila's class

1947-49 (?) - ?'s class

1953 - Mr Joy's class + Convent class (boys)

1953/4 (?) - ?'s class

1954 (i) - Sister Bernard's class + classroom

1954 (ii) - Mrs Ruane's class

1954 (iii) - Sister Monica's class

1955 (i) - head prefects

1955 (ii) - Sister Bernard's class

1956 (i) (?) - Sister Monica's class

1956 (ii) - Sister Bernard's class

1956 (iii) - Miss P Curran's class + classroom

1957 - Mr Hall's class

1979 (?) - Sister Monica's class

1980 - Mrs Ruane's class
          site of The Convent, Vicars Walk, Crowle, Lincolnshire, 2004
Vicars Walk, 2004

site of The Convent, Vicars Walk, Crowle, Lincolnshire, 2010
Vicars Walk, 2010

(for aerial views of Crowle
from 1925, see

The Presentation Sisters (England) Heritage centre

"We have an old building that has been refurbished as a small archive and Heritage Centre. It is a tribute to the life and ministry of the Presentation Sisters in England, and a place where we hope people will be able to come and gather, meet the Sisters and each other, and remember stories. We also keep our archives there so that people can come and do research and read up on things."

Presentation Convent
Chesterfield Road
Derbyshire DE4 3FT

from Sr.Susan, Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary, April 2008

"Sister Teresa has gone to her reward and so has Sister Monica.
Sister Cecilia was killed in Nigeria during the war."
- from Sister Susan, 1st April 2008

"I write to let you know that Sister Louis died earlier this year
and Sister Bernard died and was buried last week."
(Both had been living in Presentation Convent, Matlock.)
- from Sister Susan, 29th March 2011

for more infomation on the Presentation Sisters please visit

St Norberts School, Crowle - 2004
St Norbert's School, 2004

   closeup - St Norberts School, Crowle - 2004
St Norbert's School, 2004

St Norbert's RC Church, Fieldside, Crowle - 2004    St Norbert's RC Church, Crowle - high altar, postcard, 1949    St Norbert's RC Church, Crowle - interior, postcard, 1949?
St Norbert's Roman Catholic Church, Fieldside, Crowle, Lincolnshire

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