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the greatest blues singer in the world will never stop singing -
Bessie Smith - 1895-1937

"A Stone For Bessie Smith"  -  poem by Dory Previn on the death of Janis Joplin
"Blues For Bessie"  -  poem by Myron O'Higgins
Blues Online  -  bio (Joel Snow), discography, photos
Erin Nazarowitz  -  essays, biography, photos, lyrics, sound (.au)
Find A Grave  -  bio (Paul Healy), gravestone photo
Harry's Blues Lyrics  -  lyrics to 86 songs, sound (ram)
Jerry Jazz Musician  -  interview with Chris Albertson, author of "Bessie"
Lesbianism in the Life of..  -  extracts from Chris Albertson's book "Bessie"
NYC Women's Biography Hub  -  bio, sound clip (wav)
Old Time Jazz Online  -  listen to full discography (Real Media)
Reclaiming History  -  bio
Red Hot Jazz Archive  -  bio, discography, sound (ram)
Red Hot Jazz Archive  -  "St Louis Blues" (film, 1929) (wmf - low res)
Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame  -  photo + 3 paras bio
Roots & Culture  -  2 paras, photo
SparkNotes  -  Bessie Smith Study Guide - detailed bio, context, analysis
Stamp on Black History  -  pic (stamp), bio, links to articles
Carl Van Vechten  -  photo gallery (Library of Congress)
Wikipedia  -  bio
Part 1 & Part 2  -  "St Louis Blues" (film, 1929) - Youtube vids

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