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Subject: SchNEWS 294, Friday 23rd February 2001


"Our intention is to make sure that the world is as peaceful as possible"
- President George Bush

"Turn your cameras to this boy and tell me if it is a military target"
- George Galloway MP at Yarmouk hospital in Baghdad

You couldn't make it up. Just three days after the US and Britain bombed Baghdad, the new Terrorism Act became law. So while in theory pulling up genetic crops or disarming nuclear weapons could now get you put in the slammer as a terrorist, breaking international law and bombing a capital city will only get you grunts of disapproval from the international community.

Not that the bombing of Iraq is new - it just usually isn't news.

This forgotten war has been going on since 1991 and is costing the taxpayer £4½M a month. It's costing the Iraqi people a lot more - since bombing resumed in 1998, 317 have been killed and 936 wounded because of the air raids in a war, which was first justified on humanitarian grounds - to protect Kurds in the north and Shia's in the southern marshes. Then the bombing was justified to stop Saddam Hussein getting weapons of mass destruction.

Now SchNEWS isn't some apologist for the Iraqi regime, but can someone tell us what has changed after 10 years of constant bombing and economic sanctions apart from the deaths of one million people, over half of them children under age of 5. And what would happen if, say, Sweden started bombing the Faslane naval base where Britain's weapons of mass destruction are kept?

And should we start bombing Israel now they've elected a president who's a war criminal who invaded Lebanon and commited genocide in Palestinian refugee camps and is single handedly responsible for the current intifada?

A War is Born

"Throughout the course of the Bush administration, US and foreign firms were granted export licenses to ship US technology directly to Iraqi weapons facilities despite ample evidence showing that these factories were producing weapons."
- US House of Representatives Henry Gonzalez

The UK's Foreign secretary Robin Cook this week justified the bombing by quoting the occasion when chemical weapons were used against the Kurds in Halabja, killing 5,000 men, women and children. What Cookie Monster forgot to say was that it was Western corporations who sold Iraq the weapons and chemicals in the first place. And the frontline cheerleader for America's corporate contributors to Saddam, the man who paved the way for Iraq to purchase millions of dollars worth of weapons and dangerous dual-use technology from US corporations, was none other than the co-architect of Gulf War I, former president George Bush. Still, that's business for yer, and woe betide any British citizens who take direct action to stop such companies making a fast buck out of misery. You'll only get yourself hauled up in front of a magistrate and labelled a terrorist.

No more war - no more sanctions on Iraq

Voices in the Wilderness

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