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Date: Thu, 23 Sep 1999 19:32:02 +0100
From: Purple (
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Subject: Arthurs Wood

Arthurs and Cedars Wood - update

Dear all,

an update on Arthurs and Cedars Wood.


They have finished evicting people from Cedars Wood, they are tidying up there today. It is possible that bailiffs have been trashing people's tat - this is unconfirmed, but there has been a complaint (please tell the press / make this public).

It seems likely that they will move into Arthurs Wood possibly this afternoon or tomorrow and they will still be evicting from the trees next week.

There is a walkway going over the river, which is effectively a lifeline for the entire camp as it is the only way to get much needed food and water into the camp. A team of people within the camp have been defending this walkway, but they are not getting enough sleep so they will be knackered for the eviction.

So..........people are needed to defend the walkway - which can be done from outside the camp, therefore you shouldn't get arrested. People are also needed to stay on site over the weekend so others can have a rest either on or off site.

(People needed to put up people who want to come off site for the weekend).

Donations of money, climbing tape, clipgates, water, food, polyprop wanted. There is space on site for more people during the eviction if anyone is able to go.

Please call me for directions to get into camp or for possible lifts from Manchester over the weekend and during the eviction.

Love from the pixies,


tel - 0161 227 9014 / 0797 4803732

Seize the Day !

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