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Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999 00:28:22 GMT
From: "SchNEWS" (
Subject: SchNEWS 235, Friday 5th November 1999

3-Roadbuilding protest - Iittala (Finland)

"We had a demonstration at a 3-motorway building-site... Engineers were aggressive, they shouted how 'stupid' we are. The top road builder screamed to workers that 'machines must move to the other place and you can drive OVER activists if they are in the front of you!'. We were in front, and I gripped the front of the machine; my legs were under the machine and the machine went on!"

"This was the first time the police hadn't been told about the demonstration and it was illegal. After forcing the machines, we went to the top office of the 3-roadbuilding site in Iittala to shout at the leaders. They came out and went away in their big cars, but I called to the leader of this project and he said that he was ready to speak to us. He was also ready before but I hated him so much that I refused to speak to him. Now the engineers say in the newspapers that all the motorway-resisters in Finland have been invited to come to Iittala to drink coffee, hah hah. And they said that they'll explain to us that the environment has been taken into consideration in motorway building, hah!!!! Of course we'll go there, but we will discuss only that the WHOLE motorwaybuilding must STOP!!"

Contact: Aroniitunkatu 5A8, 13500 Hdmeenlinna, Finland
Tel: +358-40-7452057

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