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Date: Thu, 16 Sep 1999 15:06:12 +0100
From: hogweed (
Subject: Arthurs wood

Arthurs Wood eviction 17th Sept?

Forwarded by request by NETWORKING NEWSLETTER (url at end):

The Sheriff of Manchester and his not so merry men turned up at Arthur's Wood today (Weds) to give out a 48 hour notice to quit. Protesters are expecting the eviction of Arthur's wood to be on Friday 17 September. Defenses are being prepared and the waiting has begun, help is needed to save this precious piece of National heritage from the unscrupulous Manchester Airport Plc.

Some of the more valuable trees will be chopped completely and the wood sold even though they are only meant to be chopped to the required height for the obstacle limitation service.

This is the last chance to help save Arthur's wood, accommodation is available in the tree tops.

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