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Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999 00:01:39 +0100
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Subject: Fwd: Arthurs Wood

Arthurs Wood - latest news

The Last Battle Looms

> From: "Purple" (
> Subject: Arthurs Wood
> Date: Wed, 15 Sep 1999 00:05:03 +0100
> Dear All,
> A Safety meeting is being held Wednesday 15th Sept,
> so eviction alert for that day is now relaxed.
> It is suspected that they may do Cedars Wood on Friday
> (less defences than Arthurs) and then start Arthurs on Monday.
> Please call 0161 227 9014 to put yourself on the phone tree
> - local and national.
> Legal observers wanted as well as tree/tunnel people.
> We aim to have transport and people ready to go when we get the ruga.
> We expect that those that want to will be able to get into the
> trees after the eviction has started, at least on the first day.
> The camp has been there since June 1998 and is currently
> the last barrier to the 2nd runway.
> It has been a long and heroic fight,
> the last battle looms.................
> Purple
> 0161 227 9014 / 0797 4803732
> Seize the Day !

Re: Arthurs and Cedars Wood

an alternative probably easier and shorter way to get there -

bus (44 from M'cr Picc) or train to Heald green, left out of station, left at lights past T-junction and garage, take 2nd left down Holly Lane, right at T junction at end, follow road round to left, Cedars Wood camp on left just before road ends, go across field from Cedars to get to Arthurs.

To be put on a phone tree/list please call Vanessa on 0161-227-9014

We are trying to organise vehicles for that week so we can get down there on the morning and those that want to should be able to get into the trees. Please call with offers of vehicles and have harnesses ready to bring if you want to go in the trees.

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