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Date: Tue, 07 Sep 1999 23:08:21 +0100
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Subject: Arthur's Wood - Eviction Alert

Arthur's Wood - Eviction Alert

Eviction alert: Arthurs Wood Protest Camp.

Thanks to the decision by the House of Lords, Arthurs Wood will be evicted anytime from now.
We need you and your friends, now!
We also need building equipment, food (esp. tins), rope, concrete and more.
Ring the camp on 07931 931 850 anytime for more info and directions.

* Please help us in any way you can - thank you *

The eviction is expected to commence on Wednesday 15 September.

Directions - (but ring first!)

Get a bus or train to the airport then walk towards the Cargo Centre and out onto the A538. Go down the A538 towards Wilmslow and turn off at the roundabout onto the Styal Road. Immediately turn right towards the Moathouse Hotel. Follow the bridlepath on the left hand side to the camp.

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