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Date: 6 Sep 1999 14:33:18 -0000
Subject: [act-locally] Think Globally - Issue 27 (Sept 99)


Of seven people arrested at Newcastle Reclaim the Streets, one has had her charges dropped (hooray!), one received a £30 fine, 3 received bind- overs, one is yet to go to court and one has to pay £50 costs. All have had their charges reduced to lesser offences, showing that the police over-reacted and were, as the desk sergeant admitted, 'heavy- handed'. One woman, arrested for criminal damage and obstruction of a police officer, had the criminal damage charge dropped and the magistrate seemed to agree with the woman that attempting to lock on to a police car with her bike D-lock was a reasonable course of action to take, having heard from a solicitor present at the demonstration that the police were going to confiscate the sound system illegally! The magistrate was sure that the police would be pleased to return the D-lock, and agreed that Newcastle's bike paths were in a sorry state.

please send in any spare money for the bust fund to pay off people's fines -

Street Party Defendants Campaign
c/o PO Box 1TA
Newcastle NE99 1TA

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