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Date: Mon, 23 Aug 1999 10:49:36 +0100 (BST)
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Subject: SchNEWS 224, Friday 20th August 1999


Hockley Protest Camp (Southend)

Welcome to the topsy turvy world of Hockley near Southend, Essex. North Thames Ltd, who sponsor the Essex Wildlife Trust, want to build 66 luxury homes on land sited next to an important wildlife reserve. The company butter up the local council with some serious financial incentives(between £750,000 and £2 million) and get them to release greenbelt land they last year said would never be built on. The money also helps them forget about their recently published Biodiversity Plan which they said would help defend local wildlife.

A protest camp has now been set up. Respect due to the kids who've sorted it out. The Council reckon it's disgraceful that 10-12 year old kids are camping out (even tho' the average age is actually 14). What should they be doing - sitting at home staring at computer screens?

And there's more - the Southend Relief Road, which is going round Hockley, may link to the A130, site of another protest camp, Gorse Wood at Rettendon, whose crew have been helping out in Hockley.

march and picnic 28th August

There's a "Save the Woods" march and picnic on Saturday, 28th August.

For details contact (tel): 0831 678635 / 01702 206181

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