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Date: Fri, 2 Jul 1999 15:07:17 +0100
From: Banner Heather (
Subject: Teknoconvoy action

Trident Warhead Convoy Stopped by Protesters in Scotland


A convoy delivering Trident nuclear warheads to the Submarine bases on the Clyde, on the day of the opening of the Scottish Parliament (YAWN) was disrupted by protesters on the Stirling to Balloch road at Buchlyvie. Local people from Buchlyvie village came out of their houses in support of the protest. The anti-nuclear protesters, mostly from the Faslane Peace Camp, had been spotted and police presence was massive.

Nevertheless, the well practiced Paddy, on his first Teknopunx action, leapt out of the Tekmobile, resplendant in his sexyier than the sexiest shades you've ever seen (STYLE, man, REAL STYLE) and Si, who'd been hiding behind bushes out of sight for hours after the Protesters were first spotted and the police backup had arrived, sprang a surprise Kamakazi launch into the road and stopped the convoy.

Meanwhile, at the back end of the convoy the rest of the TeknoPunx, Banners, Aaron and Dani (also on his 1st Tekno Punx action, with sexy shades) sprinted up the road and as the police began to give chase Aaron leapt at Teknospeed straight between the wheels of a huge war-truck and Death Dived under it, causing a police range rover to skid en route, Dani dived under the first carrier, but 5 coppers dragged him out after about 5 minutes panic.11 arrests later the convoy, which had left AWE Burghfield near Reading on Tuesday continued on its evil way towards Coulport.

Billy Woolfe, member of SNP executive (and former Chairman) said: "Sending these nuclear weapons up here to Scotland on the day of the opening of the Scottish Parliament in Edinburgh is rubbing our noses in it because the parliament has no power to do anything about Trident even though the majority here don't want it. I feel it's more important to be out tracking Trident across the country and registering my protest than to be in Edinburgh."

Meanwhile at RNAD Coulport, the convoy's destination, Trident Ploughshares activist Ian Thomson was arrested this afternoon. He choose to mark the opening of the Parliament by beginning work on dismantling the Trident nuclear weapons store. His last words to the TeknoPunx, when they bumped into him at the Peacecamp, were "I'm off to commemorate The opening of the Scottish Parliament with an independant action of my own-see you later in the cells!"

Those arrested were TeknoPunx Paddy, Aaron and Dani, Faslane Peacecampers Submarine Steve, Professor Dave and Jimmy, along with Puck, Kreb DragonSlayer, Emma and Marylin. They were originally destined to be held overnight, but couldn't take more than 6 hours of Steve, Paddy, Jimmy, Dani and Aaron's renditions of musical diversions ranging from "Please release me" to Tibetan chanting "Shut the Fuck up" and "YER MAW". Congratulations to Aaron for the dramatic serious injuries impersonation he gave falling off his bed in the cells from the phenominal height of 2 inches off the ground! There was a minor transport problem for an hour after they were released just before midnight, which gave them the opportunity to dance and party in the Stirling Police station car park, to the sexy sounds blasting from the Tekmobile sound system, lubricated by Special Brew. There were only 3 complaints from the local residents about the noise, but the police were reluctant to re-arrest any of the partiers who eventually turned the music down shortly before the CND van finally turned up to transport the revellers back to the Peacecamp, where a bottle of vodka later Puck had to carry a comatose Submarine Steve to bed. And about time that man had a bit of fun after caretaking the camp on his lonesome while everyone else fcuked off!!.

John Ainslie - mobile 0378 267 833
Faslane Peacecamp - 01436820901
TeknoPunx2000 01382 770877 or 01382 776956

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