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Date: Wed, 9 Jun 1999 21:53:37 +0000
From: SchNEWS
Subject: SchNEWS 214, 4 June 1999

Carn'ival, n.

1. An explosion of freedom involving laughter, mockery, dancing, masquerade and revelry 2. Occupation of the streets in which the symbols and ideals of authority are subverted 3. You cannot watch carnival, you take part.

"We will not bow to these people. We have money to make here" - City professional

"Banks and financial houses being urged by the City of London Police to tighten security"

"shadowy organisations" with plans "to bring Britain's financial centre to a standstill" - What's going on?

In August last year a call to action was buzzed around the world to any groups and individuals who recognised that, "the global capitalist system, based on the exploitation of people and the planet for the profit of a few, is at the root of all our social and ecological troubles".

June 18th was the day picked for international action - the day when the world's seven most industrialised countries and Russia (G8) will meet in Koln, Germany. On their agenda will be more economic growth, more free trade and more power for corporations(for a low down on why these things are bad read previous SchNEWS #1-213)

Last year the G8 met in May in Birmingham. Their meeting was intended to pass unnoticed and unopposed but across the globe people rose up in opposition. 30 Reclaim the Streets parties took place in over 20 countries, whilst 200,000 protested in Hydrabad, India and 50,000 landless peasants and unemployed workers took to the streets in Brasilia.

This year's party and protests promise to be even bigger and more effective.

From radical ecologists in Zimbabwe, Poland, Israel and Portugal, the Auto-workers in Canada, the North Sumatra Peasant's Union, the Bangladesh Garment Worker's Union, the Fisherfolk's Union in India and the Independant Unionists of Austria, the unemployed of France, indigenous groups fighting oil companies in Nigeria and Peasant groups in Senegal are all gonna take part in the day's events.

Groups involved are based in each continent, so as the Earth spins and the sun rises on June 18th, actions will start in Perth, Sydney and Melbourne, Australia, through Indonesia, India and Bangladesh, moving on to simultaneous actions in Senegal and Nigeria in concert with many European states from Czech Republic to Ireland and Italy to Greece, with June 18th finishing with events in almost 20 U.S. cities together with actions in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Columbia and Uruguay.

"The roar of profit and plunder will be replaced by the sounds and rhythms of party and pleasure as a massive carnival of resistance snakes its way through the square mile." Reclaim The Streets

In the UK people are targeting the City of London, because as a June 18th flyer explains

"If a road or dam is built or an eco-system destroyed it is because an investment has been made in the City. Whether it's factories closing in Liverpool or sweatshops opening in Jakarta, it is because the City is making millions from the misery it creates."

And that's getting the powers that be all hot under the collar. As an article in the The Sunday Telegraph explained, "City insiders say the police are taking the protest threat seriously and expect to see at least 10,000 demonstrators take to the streets. One insider close to the discussions said that the police are even concerned about reports of a huge surge in the sales of second-hand suits in Oxfam and other Charity shops "the feeling is that the City could face considerable disruption."

See ya there!

SchNEWS rang up a local OXFAM shop to ask if sales of suits had been soaring. A confused shopworker confessed she hadn't noticed adding "They do make up some silly things those journalists". Meanwhile other City-types reckon the suit-plan is seriously flawed "no banker would be seen dead in an Oxfam suit: everyone in the City dresses in Ermenegildo Zegna chinos". Security men have apparently been told to wrestle to the ground anyone in a moth-eaten suit.

Here's a quick run down on some of the events taking place in the City on the 18th.

* 7:30am Critical Mass - Huge cycle action to jam the City streets - bring your bike! Meet West Smithfield, EC1, (near City Thameslink)

* 10 am Picket of Reed Employment Agency - 87 Moorgate, EC2 - resisting "New Deal" harassment of Claimants. Haringey Solidarity Group Tel: 0181 374 5027

* 10:30am Animal Abuse is as Transnational as Capital Meet Farringdon tube to demonstrate against the City's role in animal abuse. Tel: 0171 278 3068

* 11am Anti-McDonalds picket - Meet Liverpool Street McDonalds. Tel: 0171 713 1269

* 11am Global Chain Reaction - Human chain around Whitehall. Bring banners + whistles.

* 12 noon Carnival Against Capital - A Reclaim the Streets style carnival and parade through the City. Bring things to make music and noise with, radios, food to share, banners etc. Consider dressing as a City worker or a cycle courier. Meet Liverpool Street Station. Tel: 0171 281 4621

* 1:30pm Association of Autonomous Astronauts - Protest against the militarisation of space. Assemble Green Park Tube

* 4:00pm Picket of Aroma - McDonalds brought the Aroma café chain earlier this year. Meet Bishopsgate entrance of Liverpool Street BR Station Tel: 0171 713 1269

* 7:00pm EuroBunk - Meet at Waterloo International for the 19:27 Eurostar to Brussels, for an overnight stay in Brussels (accommodation provided - bring a sleeping bag), then meet with Belgian and French activists to catch the 08:25 train to Cologne at 10:57 in time for a huge demo against the G8 summit. E-mail:

* Campaign Against Arms Trade - Will be taking action against an arms trade related financial institution. Bring smart clothes and D-locks. They will also be co-ordinating a "Bread Not Bombs" free food distribution on the day. Give them a ring if you wanna help cook. Tel: 0171 281 0297

* Protest against Vodaphone - The multi-billion pound company who recently managed to twist the arms of (ie bribe) Lib Dem councillors to build a giant HQ on a greenfield site north of the town, close to surprise, surprise, the new bypass. Meet 8 am Newbury train station. Accomodation: If people require crash space call Reclaim The Streets tel:0171 281 4621 E-mail:

Legal info: If you are arrested on the day call 0171 837 7557. If the line has been blocked call Bindmans and Co. 0171 833 4433. A defendants and witnesses meeting will be held on June 19th in Marchmont Community Center, 62, Marchmont Street, WC1. Nearest tube: Russell Square

Squaring up to the Square Mile - a rough guide to the City. Send a SAE (31p) to June 18 info, Box E, 111 Magdalen Rd., Oxford, OX4 1RQ

For more info about actions happening in the UK and the rest of the world visit:

Transport to the City from Brighton leaves 9am on June 18th. Tickets are available from Brighton Peace and Environment Center. £4 each. If people want to guarantee a place in the transport get yer tickets now.

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