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Date: Wed, 9 Jun 1999 21:53:20 +0000
From: SchNEWS
Subject: SchNEWS 213, 28 May 1999


Gorse Wood Campaign (Rettendon, Essex) - A130

Just when you thought the Torys' roadbuilding progam was dead and buried, it has been seen wandering around Essex, mumbling about smearing the countryside with more sticky black shit.

The Gorse Wood Campaign has been founded in order to bury any hopes New Labour have of reviving the Torys roads policy. During the last week a camp has been set up in woods on route of the proposed new stretch of the A130 between Basildon and Chelmsford. Undoubtedly something needs to be done about the congested state of the present stretch of road; however, a new road is not the answer. The road is being funded through the Private Finance Initiative, the same scheme that brought us the A30 extension. This road, like all roads, will further fragment what is left of our indigenous ecosystems, ie it will basically be another nail in the coffin of our already destroyed native wilderness by agriculture. Apparently this road could be the beginning of a new London orbital motorway. Just what we need - another ring of death , great!, top one !!, sorted !!!, wonderful !!!!, fantastic!!!!! Top banana.

Anyway, if you want to get yourself down there, the site is near the village of Rettendon, between Basildon and Chelmsford. The nearest reference point is Rettendon church; by the time of writing, signs may have been put up to direct folk to the site.

Phone the site mobile for more detailed directions: 07957 915977

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