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Date: Sun, 16 May 1999 22:55:16 GMT
From: penfold (
Subject: Special parliamentary procedure

"Please add my site to your link page. We have until 8th june to get legal petitions in on parchment signed by solicitor and shit. Our road scheme has been halted for a SPP on comp purchase section 19 on public open space. If you know of any campaigners who have experience of these, please forward my email - Thanks"

Turnstall Northern Bypass (Stoke on Trent)

The council has decided to push ahead with trying to pass the scheme, the required documents we're laid before parliament on Monday 10th May. This gives anyone that wishes to oppose the scheme untill 8th June to petion parliament. Whats is now happening is extremely rare Stoke council are asking parliament for special permission to be allowed to build a bypass without providing equal exchange land. Both the independant inspector and the Secetary of State found the exchange land to be of poor quality compared to the public open space that the bypass would take up.

J Great News the Secetary of State has halted this scheme subject to a Special Parliamentery committee, on the councils failure to provide adequate exchange land as outlined in Section 19.

The Tunstall Northern Bypass is/was the 3rd phase of a scheme, started back in the mid 70`s. Many residents feel they have had little involvement in the development process. Residents groups with objections are still being formed, as they began to release what the bypass will mean, and it is not as sweet smelling as the councilors lead them to believe.

These objections below have now been submitted to the inspector, feel free to read and send comments. We need as much help and advice we can get hence this page The public inquiry began on 28th April.

Slug - Editor

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