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Date: 2 May 1999 12:12:27 -0000
Subject: [act-locally] Think Globally - 23 (May 1999)

RTS video now available for June 18th protest

A June 18th video has been produced to inspire people to get involved in the international day of action, protest and carnival aimed at the heart of the global economy, the banking and financial districts. The video is available to activists free IF you are going to show it to groups, at meetings etc.

If you can afford a donation towards the production costs, we would be most grateful- cheques made payable to Reclaim The Streets. All you have to do get this 18 minutes of sizzling video is send a 83p stamped addressed jiffy bag to -

Reclaim the Streets, PO box 9656, London N4 5JY.

road protests 1999   |   road protests (current)   |   movement links