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Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 19:15:30 +0100
Subject: Fwd: Cedar Wood chopped, Arthurs wood next!!!!!!!!

help wanted at Manchester Airport protest camp

Trees chopped in Cedar Wood
Eviction Imminent at Arthur's wood



Work started this morning to fell trees in Cedar wood next to Manchester Airport, a protest site has been set up in Cedar wood but no warning was given to protesters that trees would be felled. Protesters are concerned especially as trees are being felled near a tunnel which could be occupied at this stage there is no more information.

Once again Manchester Airport PLC have decided to break the law by felling trees during nesting season which is hardly surprising considering all the other doggy dealing that has been going on during the construction of this runway.

The sheriff has been seen and the Arthur's wood protest site could be evicted at any time, despite the fact that the decision on whether Manchester Airport PLC have the right is still to be decided by the House of Lords.

Because of the lack of safety precautions exhibited by the sheriff and tree fellers protesters have issued a statement saying that: "If any one is hurt or killed by the illegal actions in Cedar wood especially any injuries caused to persons underground a private prosecution will be sort against all persons involved".

Protester Michael said: "I cant believe they just moved in and started chopping trees they know there are people living on site and they know there is a tunnel, there's been no safety meeting with the police and sheriff - this is totally unprofessional"

Notes to Editors:

Arthur's wood is owned by the National Trust who have given Manchester Airport PLC the right to chop down Arthur's wood for an Obstacle Limitation Surface, whether or not this is legal is yet to be decided by the House of Lords. According to the National Trusts own rules -

1. It is illegal for the National Trust to permit work on their land if the work does not improve that land

2. It is questionable whether Manchester Airport PLC will be allowed to evict protesters who live on land that is not owned by the company

3. An act of parliament is needed to change there rules

At the public inquiry into whether permission to build the second runway be granted it was clearly stated that Arthur's wood would not be touched.

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