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Date: Tue, 13 Apr 99 11:48:34 +0100
From: Big Fish Little Fish (
Subject: Scottish Road protest

A701 (Midlothian) - Public Meeting - 20th April

Hello Greater Edinburgh

PUBLIC MEETING on Roads and Development South of Edinburgh

A Labour Council is determined to force a motorway through the Heart of Midlothian in the teeth of local opposition. It will cause thousands of juggernaughts and extra commuters to thunder through the area. Dozens of local people will be uprooted from their homes and many others will have their houses blighted and communities destroyed.

The Council's clear aim is to concrete hundreds of acres of precious Green Belt to the South of Edinburgh for new factories and housing estates. Scores of local businesses will be threatened and local woods trashed. It could saddle every Midlothian resident with debt for a generation. It breaks many Government policies - and all to solve a traffic problem that only needs a couple of roundabouts and a bit of road widening!

Locals and supporters are invited to a public meeting which will be attended by representatives from the main Scottish political parties - (Labour, Lib-Dem, SNP, Greens and Conservatives).

With the Scottish Parliamentary elections only weeks away it should be an interesting meeting.

Tuesday 20th April 7.30pm


For further details contact NAAG (No Alignment Action Group) -
phone 01968 675109 (Joan) or 0131 448 2713 (Noel)
Website coming soon


Whether you are a local resident, a tourist or an eco warrior on the other side of the planet, we need your support. If you can send objections to any or all of the people below they may realise that this is not going to be the walkover they were hoping for. The following is a large selection of contacts to pick'n'mix. Thanks.

Contact Midlothian Council Headquarters
By post: Midlothian Council Headquarters, Midlothian House, Buccleuch Street, Dalkeith, EH22 1DJ
By Telephone: (0131) 270 7500
By Fax: (0131) 271 3050
By E-Mail:

Who to contact at Midlothian Council - take your pick -

Head of Strategic Development - David Williamson
Head of Transportation - William Sandland
Head of Economic Development - Ian L. Young
Director, Strategic Services - John Allan
Head of Community Development - Charles Galbraith

If you're really keen you might like to make your feelings known to Donald Dewar at the Scottish Office (after all, it is a Labour Council trying to sneak this through) -
By post: Donald Dewar, Secretary of State for Scotland, St Andrew's House, Edinburgh, EH1 3DG
By Telephone: (0131) 556 8400
By Fax: ?
By E-Mail:


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