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From: "Robert Sparks" (
Subject: Proposed Broughton By-Pass, Preston, Lancs.
Date: Tue, 9 Mar 1999 10:14:28 -0000

Proposed Broughton By-Pass, Preston, Lancs

Broughton By-Pass is proposed by Lancashire County Council to open up greenfield and semi-urban sites to the north and east of Preston for large scale development.

The By-Pass was rightly opposed by Preston Borough Council and deleted from their Local Plan. At the Preston Local Plan Enquiry in 1997 the Inspector arbitrarily endorsed the re-inclusion of the Broughton By-Pass, simply referring back to the Examination in Public of the Lancashire County Structure Plan.

Preston Borough Council perceive two basic alternatives :

   a).  Continue to oppose the By-Pass at some cost to local ratepayers

   b).  Accept the Inspectors recommendations for the By-Pass and associated development in principle. The Council may have some powers to limit development and thereby delay construction of the By-Pass

Councillors are intimidated by the possible consequences of Alternative a).

Our Organisations, Broughton By-Pass Review Group and Concern for Broughton oppose the By-Pass and associated development. We have actively supported Preston Borough Council opposition to the By-Pass and urge that it continue in accordance with Alternative a). above.

The full Council meets on Thursday, 18th March 1999 to decide whether to continue its opposition to Broughton By-Pass.


Please write to any or all of the Group Leaders before Thursday, 18th March :

Ian Rankin (Labour)
Joe Hood (Conservative)
Bill Chadwick (Liberal Democrat)

at -
Preston Town Hall,
Lancaster Road,
Preston, Lancs.

or email us at and we will pass the messages on.

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