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Subject: EF!NE - Arthur's Wood gets busy
Date: Tue, 26 Jan 1999 16:32:03 -0000

Forwarded by EF!NE ...

The Destruction (sell out) of another National institution

Arthur's Wood



Arthur's wood is due to be chopped down by Manchester Airport PLC in order to satisfy the requirements of the civil aviation authority to provide an obstacle limitation surface for Manchester airports second runway.

At the public inquiry into whether permission to build the second runway be granted it was clearly stated that Arthur's wood would not be touched, maybe another inquiry should be held and presented with the true facts. Friends of the Earth Manchester have documentary evidence of this.

According to the National Trust act 1937 work may only be carried out on National Trust land if it improves the land, chopping down the trees in Arthur's wood by no stretch of the imagination can be seen as improving the wood. The plan the National Trust has, to allow some of the wood to re grow would mean constant felling to keep the height of the trees below that needed for the runway, this would change the nature of the wood for ever. When you look at the wood you soon realize that most of the trees would need to be felled absolute.

Arthur's wood is very old and has many large trees. When you walk through the wood many established species can be seen, alot of these species can take hundreds of years to become established, this diversity will be lost by machinery and tree felling which will rip apart the soil structure a crucial part of any fragile Eco system.

When you look at the National Trust's leaflet for Quarry Bank Mill which is adjacent to the Style Country park you will notice that Manchester Airport PLC are sponsors. Obviously some form of deal, back hand or up front has been done in order to keep the National Trust on side with Manchester Airport PLC.

Is this the end of another of our National institutions. The National Trust claim to "protect land for ever ...for every one" unless you happen to be Manchester Airport PLC and have lots of money to give in compensation.

Manchester Airport PLC have gained a possession order to evict protesters from the site set up to protect the trees, this would also appear to be questionable. Protesters have won the right to appeal at the high court of justice in London, the appeal will be heard on the 5th February

Unless people know how the National Trust and public inquiries are being manipulated by powerful capitalists nothing will be done and the laws of the land will be broken and their will be nothing anyone can do about it.

How many more historical places of National importance will be destroyed for ever by a spineless National Trust who in reality would rather take the money than prevent its own land from being destroyed.


Notes to Editors:

For more information the site can be contacted on: 07957 993456

Save Arthur's wood coalition can be contacted on: 01226 764279
or email -


A Call to harnesses


Bored, fed up trying to keep warm, want to do something exciting.......? Then get over to Arthur's wood or to the new vegan site Cedar wood. Hundreds of trees are due to be chopped down before nesting season (March) Protesters have set up camp with tree houses and tunnels being constructed.

If any one fancies living in beautiful large trees resisting the forces of Babylon and at the same time helping to save our National heritage then come on down.

Help is needed in acquiring tat so if you have or can get hold of: Tarps, climbing rope, cargo nets, harnesses, pusscuk rope, poly prop, blankets, building wood, ammo boxes, filing cabinets, figure of eight's, big pans, ladders, small burners, flue pipe, buckets, 12volt batteries, car cigarette lighter sockets, bits of carpet, kitchen knifes, wire cutters

Save Arthur's wood campaign has dug up loads of dodgy dealing between Manchester Airport and the National Trust which is providing plenty of work for officy type bods.

So if your the out doors go get them type or a stay at home and tap on the keyboard type then theirs something you can do. Please don't hesitate to contact us or come down to site and join in.

The site can be contacted on: 07957 993456
or contact the Save Arthur's wood coalition on: 01565 873551 or 01226 764279

To get to the site from Manchester go down the B5166 to Styal the sites are about 1mile west of Style at the South side of the airport, Cedar wood site is just off the road that runs along the side of the airport on the left 300 yards before the road ends. A map is available on request.


Cornerstone Resource Centre, Leeds, England
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