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Date: Wed, 13 Jan 1999 12:09:47 -0000
From: Cornerstone Resource Centre (
Subject: ACTION CALL OUT! - Manchester Airport

Monday 18th January.....DOIN' IT IN THE NORTH - AGAIN

Action against Manchester Airport

Meet at 10am for action and legal briefings
Transport provided to action in afternoon
Evening -social occasion for gossip and politics

Phone 0161 226 6814 for more info...and let them know if you're bringing transport.

Manchester Airport are responsible for the devastation of miles and miles of Cheshire countryside with their 2nd Runway project. Not only this, they are also promoting air traffic, the most polluting and environmentally unsound method of transport.

Not content with the annihilation of the Bolin Valley, the Airport also plans to behead a bank of trees which once belonged to everyone as National Trust land. These beautiful trees in Arthur's Wood are too tall, and will get in the way of planes landing. A camp set up to defend the area is facing eviction imminently.

People in Manchester have been sold a lie about the need for the runway, the number of jobs to be created. The real motive for this unnecessary destruction of our land, is once again, PROFIT. Profit for the airport, for the managers, for the construction companies, for the capitalists, for the careerist MPs -but not profiting anyone else.

Locals have continued the protests and others elsewhere are beginning to fight the planned destruction of acres of greenfield to build an airport staff carpark.

It's time we revisited the airport and let them know that they can't continue to ruin people's lives and our countryside - we haven't disapeared.

Meet 10am 18th Jan at the Yard Theatre, 41 Old Birley St, opp. Junction Pub, Royce Rd, Hulme, Manchester. Accomodation available on Monday night after the social, and also if necessary, on Sunday night.

This action is the second "Doin' it in the North" action. It aims to bring together Earth First groups and other people fighting against the mindless search for profits, at the expense of people and their environment. We hope that you will come and take part in the action, but also use this as an opportunity to network, discuss, and socialise with t'others in the North.

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Cornerstone Resource Centre, Leeds, England

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