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From: "angelo" (
Subject: Fw: BNRR!!!! Your help is needed.
Date: Sun, 20 Dec 1998 13:06:06 -0000


Could this please be circulated as extensively as possible because we are on a mission to get as many people as possible to fax John Prescott (fax 0171 890 4455) and the editors of the Guardian (0171 837 4530), Independent (0171 293 2056), Times (0171 782 5988) and Telegraph (0171 538 7842) this letter on MONDAY 21st December. We are doing this to bring pressure on John Prescott to halt the construction of the Birmingham Northern Relief Road and call an immediate Public Inquiry, so the local residents can have their share of democracy.

For more Information contact: Site Mobile: 07970 301978
The alliance against the BNRR: 0121 6326909 or 01226 764279


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Kindest regards,

The residents of Greenwood protest camp.

Fax as follows........



Dear Mr Prescott,

We are environmentally concerned individuals. We are intent upon preventing the construction of the Birmingham Northern Relief Road (BNRR). Our reasons for doing so are many and we believe that if the issues are discussed then reasonable thought will agree with us.

At 27 miles long, the BNRR will irreparably scar predominantly green belt land through 3 counties.
27 sites of ecological interest will be lost forever. In addition over 100 other sites of ecological interest will be affected.
9 sites of archaeological interest will also be destroyed. We believe that in terms of our heritage and the future that we bequeath our children, that this alone is too high a price to pay. However, there are very many aspects that also have to be considered.
Three schools will back onto the proposed BNRR. The effect, both direct and indirect, that this will have on childrens' health is of paramount importance. Already, it is estimated that up to 15% of children suffer from respiratory illness. Much of this is directly attributed to vehicle emissions.

It is readily accepted that the car culture, as it exists, is unsustainable. Indeed, your own department is at present working upon an Intergrated Transport Policy.

We say that enough is enough and call upon you to put the considerations of the many who will be affected by this folly above that of a handful of directors and shareholders, who will be the only true beneficiaries if this private toll motorway is allowed to proceed.

It is our belief that if a fair and open Public Inquiry were to be held now, then the strength of argument would heavily fall upon the side of reason and that this needless destruction would not go ahead.

Immediately prior to the last general election you personally said to many electors in the West Midlands that "the Birmingham Northern Relief Road will be built over my dead body". Whilst as a politician we would not expect you to be completely true to your word we do insist that democracy, and environmental consideration, is seen to be done. So far it has cost the taxpayer £1.5-£2 million on evicting a handful of protesters from a mere 200 metres of the proposed route. The overall potential is a figure of £50 million plus.

You must recognise the fact that the majority support this type of non-violent direct action (76% of local people) and that it is surely worthwhile your calling a further Public Inquiry into the BNRR. This could save the taxpayer many millions and yourself considerable embarrassment.


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