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BNRR evictions


'Sorted Dave' who died of a heart condition on site of the proposed Birmingham Northern Relief Road in April was evicted from one of the protestors tunnels this week. His ashes were placed in an urn and concreted into a lock-on in a tunnel at the request of his family. The tunellers known as the "men-in-black" removed the urn after his seven day eviction ordeal. Unlike other protesters Dave was not arrested or bailed off the site and it is believed that he intends to continue campaigning for many more years to come!

Meanwhile the eviction of the Moneymore cottages continues with two people remaining in tunnels after 10 days. The police compound was dismantled by protesters yesterday, while Security guard defector Dean Smith was arrested for obstruction following his debut tunnel eviction when he stayed underground for 3 days.

A mass e-mail to newspapers and the Dept.of Transport is planned for next week to call for another public enquiry. Local Methodist Minister, David Shawcross, known as the "Manic Tree Preacher" is set to resist eviction at the Greenwood site, by D-locking himself to a tree. Massive potential for the campaign remains with 27 miles of predominantly greenbelt land for new camps and squats. The road is planned to be three times the length of the recently opened Newbury Bypass at a cost of £700 million.

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The alliance against the BNRR tel - 0121 6326909.

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