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In a surreal version of Custer's Last Stand, the communications and office caravan for campaigners at Britain's first toll road has had the police and security compound built around it! Last night police confiscated mobile phones and address books from people on site leaving the office as the only way of communicating with the site. The caravan door is guarded by four plod and the occupants are not allowed to leave or even look out the window. "They keep coming in and searching the place whilst we are trying to carry on campaign business". Although 3 or four people have been arrested the eviction has so far been low key and fluffy. The 'men in black' have still been unable to get in to the tunnel system but in a worrying move considering the continous rain is turning the ground to mud, baillifs have started laying heavy metal tracks over the tunnels to bring in equipment, this makes their claims of health and safety breaches by the underground activist moles ridiculous.

The 'men in black' have been identified as 'Specialist International Rescue' which has nothing to do with the right-on 'International Rescue' who do such good work helping in natural disaster situations and in places like Bosnia.

Before the Labour Party swept to victory, Frank Dobson, Shadow Secretary of State for Transport at the time, said: "The Labour Party is opposed to the building of the Birmingham Northern Relief Road".

The eviction is expected to be the most difficult yet, with protesters defending the site in specially constructed lock-ons and tunnels.
Construction work on the BNRR is due to start in January 1999, costing an estimated £700 million.

All communications with the campaign are now from Birmingham FOE -
tel:  0121 632 6909
site mobile:  0467 622 825

BNRR Web page:

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