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Subject: -ALLSORTS- BNRR eviction update
Date: Fri, 27 Nov 1998 14:08:17 +0000
From: "echelon thing" ( - by way of genetics (

BNRR - Its gonna be special....

The Sherriff continues to play a waiting game, playing at ornamental gardening in his compound, showing firemen around, and generally wearing flourescent clothing and a visor.  The security guards still only encircle the Sherriff's compound, and access into the squats is still possible and easy (shout up and someone will lower the drawbridge).  Defensive structures are still rising into the Midlands drizzle, and the site gets stronger every day the Bailiffs play scrabble in the quarry car park and don't come in to evict.

The latest rumour/development is that the nearby 'Greenwood' tree camp has now been compulsarily purchased.  If true this means it is now also facing an imminent eviction.  People are needed for both sites now as things hot up.  Eviction(s) is expected at the weekend or Monday morning at the latest.  The costs are mounting already and the sites are better (wo)manned and prepared than ever.

The car park near the quarry is pretty full, and Police stick their heads into all the cars that pull up the access road.  See the official press release (wednesday) for directions to the site and get down here.  Its gonna be special....LOVE and e-mail news systems-echelon thing


for more info on how to get there -

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