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From: Terence Haynes (
Subject: Croydon Tramlink + road congestion
Date: Sat, 24 Oct 98 19:37:31 +0100 ( + )

Croydon Tramlink + road congestion

Because Croydon and London Transport are promoting a 'green' Tram system in this part of South London, attention has been drawn away from Croydon Council's blatant disregard of the Unitary Development Plan undertaking to preserve the status of 'Local Distributor Roads' in order to facilitate the Tram stations. As a result Rectory Grove in Croydon now experiences the full impact of lying on SEVEN main bus routes with over 60 buses an hour. This in addition to the rat-running traffic travelling between central Croydon and the A23 Trunk road. The Council say that they have no traffic census information that will quantify the increase in traffic beyond two 'snap' surveys carried out in a single afternoon and morning, and nothing before that to compare it to!

Our lives have been made utter misery by road noise, vibration and fumes. The brickwork at the front of my house has become loosened and windows broken five times. The 'traffic Management Order' that empowered these changes in 1996 was passed despite unanimous local opposition. Croydon Council refuse any compensation claims arising from these changes because Parliament passed the Croydon Tramlink Bill, and specifically ruled out compensation arising from any associated works.

How can we take the abrogation of UDP undertakings back to the Inspector?

What advice has anyone out there got? - what similar experiences can you share?

Please help.

Terry Haynes (for Rectangle Residents Association)

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