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Date: Sun, 27 Sep 1998 21:17:29 +0100
From: Pete!!! (
Subject: Land West of Cadishead Way.

Irlam Old River Action Group - open letter to Salford Planning Department

Copies to:

1/ Tony Blair, PM.
2/ John Prescot, Secretary of State.
3/ Councillor Lightup.
4/ The Manchester Evening News.
5/ The Advertiser.
6/ Weed [Road Protests Page]
7/ To be displayed in public places.

I have already written to Ian Stewart, MP on the 8th December 1997.


Miss A Whittle, Planning Officer,
Development Services,
Planning Dept,
Salford Civic Centre,
M27 5BW.

26th September 1998

Dear Miss Whittle,

Land to the West of Cadishead Way, Irlam.

My family has lived in Irlam since 1965. We were attracted to the area by the Old River and the nearby countryside known as the Jerry Works.

I am a retired school teacher and a founder member of the Irlam Old River Area Action Group (formerly Irlam and Cadishead Residents Association.)

I OBJECT to the proposed massive housing development (346 houses) because of the landís IMPORTANCE TO PEOPLE. If the land is burned, flattened and covered in houses, future generations will not be able to roam freely. Paradise will be lost, and never regained.

Many people walk there dogs there and benefit from the healthy exercise. Youngsters ride their bikes there and horse riders enjoy the area.

The site is important to wild-life, - flowers, birds, bees, butterflies and small mammals. What will happen to the animals when the vegetation is burnt and the hill is flattened?


Even if the number of houses was reduced to 200, there would be at least an extra 200 cars on the road. This will cause traffic jams and pollution, also there would be an increase in asthma. There is also the risk of the river being polluted by sprays used in the new gardens.

The police and fire service would not be able to cope.

The schools will be overcrowded, and the workload of doctors and nurses would increase.

As for the suggestion that the mountain of soil removed from the site should be dumped in the field in Ferry Road ! ! The residents cannot be expected to put up with the noise and dust. Also the hedges may not be destroyed without permission from the Council, according to the RSPB.


At a public meeting on 22nd October 1997, in a straw pole of those present (est. 100) only 3 people could remember anything regarding the development plans, prior to this date, due to insufficient publicity. 3% of those interested!


A grant could buy this land (which is really a common), the last bit of countryside left in Irlam, for the people.

The Planning Committee will consider the application on Thursday 1st October í98, at Swinton Town Hall, so time is short.

Yours sincerely

Joyce Delaney.
(Irlam Old River Action Group)


full location details

The site is located at grid reference SJ 725 941.
long 2 deg 27 min, lat 53 deg 27 min 40 sec.
Information found on: Landranger series M 726, Sheet 109, Edition 9-GSGS 3/94/940302 S
Between the end of Ferryhill Road and Fairhills Rd (just before you get to Kwiksave)


Irlam photos

jw10.jpg - pic 1 (137K)

jw11.jpg - pic 2 (143K)

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