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From: "Tony" (
Subject: RE: "Common" known as "Jerry Works"
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 1998 09:15:34 -0700

The latest with the "Jerry Works"

9th September

There was another Public Meeting held on 9th September.
The meeting was extremely active, but positive. Men in suits from Peel Holdings who own the Manchester Ship Canal, the land owners were present. Modified plans which include removed some 210,000 cubic meters of soil, leaving a strip of land just 20 metres wide in most places from the "Old River" an SBI.
Concerns raised that the issues raised in previous meetings appeared to have been forgotten. Councillors claimed to be "mindful" of the issues.

24 September

Site visit to the land concerned. Most notifications of this visit arrived only days before. The time of the meeting was at 12.10. Most working folk unable to attend. This is normal practice!
Jo Holt, headed the Planning & Development Services Committee, we glanced at each end of the land, had a very brief discussion and then left smartly in his executive coach. No attempt to walk over the land. Whilst on the edge of the land, the group of around 20 people disturbed a heron on the old river, which flew away! One wonders what an estate of 346 houses will do! We left with the distinct impression that this visit was just going through the motions.

1 October

Full planning meeting to be held next Thursday , 1 October at the Swinton offices.

Try and be there.

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