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Date: Fri, 18 Sep 1998 18:17:17 +0000
Subject: SchNEWS 183, 18 September 1998



Victory! Campaigners up the trees at the Bass Recreation Ground in Derby are coming back down to earth following a Council decision to change road plans. Instead of going through the Park the road will now shave away the verge

The Camp at St.Mary's Churchyard in Southampton has been disbanded after the Church scaled down plans to build business units, apartment blocks etc in the churchyard



All these protest camps have (we think) been issued Possesion Orders and so could be evicted any time soon -

Birmingham Northern Relief Road - trying to stop the construction of Britains first toll motorway - tel: 07970 301978/932224

Crystal Palace - campaigning against a twenty screen multiplex cinema to be built on inner city green space - tel: 07957 938 784 (site mobile) / 0181 761 7826 Tel: 07970 301978/932224.

Arthurs wood - due for the chop because it apparently obstructs the satellite and radar reception of the Manchester Runway 2 airport extension - tel: 0161 998 1888 / 07775 602954

Radstock Railway Campaign - fighting a housing development - tel: 01761 432273

Swindon - fighting a housing development in Shrivenham (just north of Swindon) - sorry no phone number

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