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Date: Sun, 06 Sep 1998 17:11:57 +0100
From: Cornerstone Resource Centre

Nantwich - Hulme - Ashton Court

Green Guard in Nantwich (Cheshire)

Green Guard in Nantwich, has been stopping a housing development of 500 houses and a 4 mile dual carriageway for the last 6 weeks. Under threat are (rare) Black Poplars, an orchard and hedgerows up to 30 foot thick. The allotments next door have all been given notices to quit too. The camp boasts treehouses, tunnel, tower, and 97% local support. Local media are on side.

Hulme poplar attack (Manchester)

In Hulme, the popular Poplar 24-hour guard wasn't quite, and so Manchester council started chopping the 110 year old Birley Tree down before people stopped the chainsaws. The campaign went to court to be evicted, and negotiated an agreement not to fell the Black Poplar till a detailed planning application was put in for the hotel the council so desperately want for this inner-city area. This has followed meetings, petitions, Fun-days, a carnival float, and a procession to the Town Hall where severed branches blocked the entrance whilst demonstrators danced.

Ashton Court wildflower meadow (Bristol)

At Ashton Court, preparation work is being done for the 'translocation' (trashing) of the wildflower meadow (surrounded by 7 foot high spiky fence), which is meant to start at the beginning of this month. It'll take four months, but if delayed till January, they'll then be too late to start it till autumn '99. A second camp has been set up, the new 'New State of Bulgaria', where secret tunnel building has been happening over recent months. As we go to press, preparations for the weekend of action, party and workshops go on apace.

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