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Date: Sun, 06 Sep 1998 17:11:57 +0100
From: Cornerstone Resource Centre

Tysak - Sharston Green - Bridgewater

Tysak Site (Sheffield)

A planned supermarket development on the largest empty space in South Sheffield, where 3 already exist within a mile, is being opposed. The Tysak site was occupied for a weekend to show alternative uses of the site, with cricket and football pitches and a cinema put up, and though it rained and rained all weekend, local kids came to play, as did those employed by the council. Contact via Sheffield EF!

Sharston Green (Manchester/Stockport border)

Sharston Green is a 28 acre green site on the Manchester/Stockport border, owned by Manchester Airport, AMEC etc. Planning permission has been granted (surprise!) to build houses, industrial estate (flight simulator planned) and a grotty hotel/pub fast-poison outlet. The campaign to save this space includes ongoing Village Green applications, and calling in the Ombudsman about collusion. Construction work commenced just recently, and many mature oak trees were felled. The pond is being drained and the area attacked by bulldozers. We're getting well sharsted - desperate situation - call 0161-998 1888 / 491 5560

Bridgewater (Somerset)

Bridgewater, Somerset: Local opposition building against 1000 new houses that will trash greenbelt land - need help opposing planning application, and direct action advice - 01278 424146 - Xanadu, Europe's largest indoor leisure complex, planned on 70 acres of wildlife corridor, with a 3,500 car park. It requires a new bus-way (on old railway line which is a wildlife corridor), then connects to ordinary roads into Manchester. The campaign's just started, with a rally of 35 horses & 100 people, and 4 public meetings so far. Contact via the Campaign Legal Group.

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