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Date: Sun, 06 Sep 1998 17:11:57 +0100
From: Cornerstone Resource Centre


football at Faslane

Despite experiencing only two days of sunshine in 13 weeks of rain, the damp but jolly souls at Faslane peace camp continue to cause merry hell with the laughable base 'security'. 8 campers broke in and played football. After seeing the formidable camp defences on telly, the cash-strapped local council agreed to talks with residents to try to find an amicable (& cheaper!) solution.

Activists from Ploughshares Trident 2000 set up a second camp at Coulport to begin two weeks of accountable nuke-base disarmament. Actions have been numerous and varied - blockades, fence-cuttings, 'citizen's inspections', repainting MoD property (khaki is so dull), an early music gate blockade, and swimming to within yards of the evil subs themselves 3 times over - with over 100 arrests, and two remanded until 22 September (see Prisoners).

Faslane folk showed their gratitude to the crew of the NV Greenpeace by delaying for 2 hours - they locked-on - a trawler which had been hired by oil companies to trail the ship. With ongoing actions, 97 people pledged to NVDA so far, and another action camp at Faslane in November, there's plenty more to come.

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