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Date: Sun, 06 Sep 1998 18:39:27 +0100
From: Cornerstone Resource Centre (
Subject: EF!NE-Arthur's Wood - for the chop?!

Arthur's Wood - for the chop?

Should we trust the National Trust?


You may think that the National Trust will look after land and preserve it for future generations but don't believe it.

Arthurs Wood is about to be chopped down in order to establish an Obstacle Limitation Surface for Manchester Airports second runway. Arthur gave this area of woodland to the National Trust with absolute faith that it would not be destroyed. However, hundreds of trees are to be cut down on his land.

The building of the new runway at Manchester Airport is a private enterprise developed in the interests of generating profit. The National Trust claims to "protect land for ever...for everyone", (quoted from the National Trust "Save Snowdon" leaflet). If they cannot, or will not, stop a development on their own land by a private company, how can they possibly make this claim?

Protesters are concerned that this area of woodland may not have been considered in the Public Enquiry. Access and control of the land were handed over by the National Trust to Manchester Airport PLC during the nesting season. On the second day of the protesters occupying the site, workers contracted by the airport arrived with the intent of felling the trees. When the protesters asked them to prove their right to fell, the chainsaw men could provide no evidence of the special permission necessary to fell trees on National Trust land or to fell during the nesting season. Protesters were also concerned that money or land may have changed hands in order to facilitate a smooth transference of the responsibilities for the land.

Protest spokesperson Jane said: "Lots of people give land to the trust thinking it's safe but I wouldn't trust them if they allow this sort of thing to happen"


Save Arthurs Wood Coalition
phone: 01226 762359


Arthurs Wood is part of the STYAL country park, Cheshire, managed by Paul Rutter

Styal Country Park Estate Office,
7 Oak cottages, Styal, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 4JQ
phone: 01625 523012
fax: 01625 527139

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