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protest culture - video/book/mag


Reclaim the Streets - the movie. The history of RTS since 1992. The Criminal Justice Act, Castlemorton Free Festival, Claremont Road, Liverpool dock dispute and all your fave street parties.The 80 minute video is available from 72 Castlewood Rd, London N16 6DH. Costs at £6 unwaged, £8 waged, £10 well waged, £2,000 for nasty corporations and cops! Cheques payable to Agustin Gutierrez. There's a showing this Sunday (23) at the RITZY CINEMA (15.45) Brixton tube, London - £6 waged, £3 unwaged. Why not organise a showing in your home town?


A new book 'DiY Culture' - McKay ( Pub: Verso, ISBN 1-85984-260-7). Irvine Welsh (Trainspotting) calls it, "The most uplifting and empowering book you'll read in a long time". In the intro McKay raises some interesting points about ideology, but for those of you who are more interested in reading what's going on as contemporary history is being lived, the book is a series of chapters written by activsts involved in alternative media , early party scene, Road Protest

URGENT! is the newsletter of the Urban Regeneration and Greenfield Environment Network with tonnes of info on housing developments around the country. Issue 2 out now 50p + SAE Box HN, 111 Magdalen Rd., Oxford, OX4 1RQ
Tel: 07000 785202

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