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From: "SchNEWS"
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Date: Tue, 4 Aug 1998 16:05:56 +0000
Subject: SchNEWS 178, 31 July 1998

"Business in the Community"

A couple of weeks ago Prince Charles was banging on about how evil genetics were, so it's ironic that he's the head of an environmentally friendly business regeneration charity called 'business in the community', whose past vice-presidents include Sir David Barnes of leading Genetic modifiers Zeneca Pharmaceutical and Sir Anthony Cleaver who used to run the unsafe Dounray nuclear plant! The current vice president is Steven O'Brien who is on the environment panel of Tarmac who trashed Twyford Down. The panel punt out glossy brochures boasting how environmentally sound Tarmac is yet they are at the moment building Runway 2 at Manchester Airport and have just been served an enforcement order for trashing trees and hedgerows.



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