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Date: Fri, 03 Jul 1998 16:06:00 +0100
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June 13-15 saw a successful "weekend of party and protest" at Ryeloaf Camp, Bingley. On Saturday night a sound system kept people boogying despite rain and mud, celebrating the campís 2nd birthday. After a day of workshops, 25 activists disrupted work at the greenfield housing site in the nearby village of Sandy Lane. Local people, who initiated the direct action campaign, acted as legal observers, until a heavy police presence signalled half time. Resumption of play was at a much larger housing development in nearby Thackley. Work was stopped completely for most of the day. Workers were happy to have the afternoon off to watch telly (In-ger-land, In-ger-land), and there were no arrests. Scotland Yard, however, had earlier expressed interest in the Urgent network and certain active individuals.

Sandy Lane locals are currently squatting a field to prevent the laying of water pipes to new houses, guarding the site with Boris and Doris, a pair of geese rumoured to be responsible for organising the successful Stonehenge Free Festival. Contact Ryeloaf camp for more, or Residents Action Group for the Environment, on 01274 495264. You could also let Robert Monkmam, the Regional Director for Brians luxury housing developers know what you think of their projects on 01937 523333, fax 523347.

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