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To: "SchNEWS Subscribers"
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 11:46:19 +0000
Subject: SchNEWS 172/173, 24 June 1998

Salisbury RTS report


There were red faces and laughter all round at last Saturday's spectacular Salisbury Reclaim The Streets (RTS) when protesters bumped into two stalled army tanks on a ring-road roundabout. Dozens of people were quick to take advantage clambering aboard until the soldiers, who had tried to kick and push them off, gave up and accepted their humiliating defeat. Never has there been such a photo opportunity as echoes of Tianemen Sq. came to the sleepy English town.

The good vibe posse danced and cavorted on the tanks while others discussed with the young soldiers the error of their ways in choosing such a career, i.e. killing someone. Huge jams built-up as the police not knowing whether to laugh or cry took a while to get into gear and clear those naughty hippies and punks off the tanks.

Earlier 2-300 people had had a 'walkabout' of Salisbury city centre for a couple of hours squeezing down narrow streets turning corner after corner as the crowds of shoppers cheered and laughed along with the happy group of RTS'ers, as riot vans were easily outpaced.

After the demo had got "tanked-up" people decided to go for an escorted stroll out into the countryside, passing a family funday motorshow (sic) towards Old Sarum Fort where people were told by a loud-hailer on a passing police-car that "Your leaders have arranged a party venue-please follow us!" Finally meandering down country roads brought all to a chilled-out traveller's site in beautiful surroundings where it was agreed a fantastic day had been had & that the omens looked good for Stonehenge in the millennium. DIY culture does it again.

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