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Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 19:50:14 +0100
From: Cornerstone Resource Centre (
Subject: EF!NE-New airport camp stops tree felling with injunctions
Cc:, Allsorts (


AMEC & Tarmac & the National Trust have been taken to court yesterday (Monday 22nd June) & also today, to stop them allowing trees at the surposedly protected Arthor's Wood near Styal being felled.

People wanted an injunction against all 3 parties, but instead the court has ordered all work to stop while a 7 day ajournment takes place. (People will be back in court next week - 29th or 30th June.)

Get your ass down to Styal now. Phone Friends of the Earth in Madchester for directions - 0161 834 8221 or simply find Styal on a road atlas, hitch, jump the train, steal a car from a showroom, nick a helicopter or better still hijack a plane... and ask any local in Styal where Arthur's Wood is. Don't worry about knocking on the front door of the local mansion - Just do it! They all love us there and loads of them are involved.

The wood is very old, with mixed native trees, including Yew.

********   The camp mobile is 0777 5602954   ********

When planning permission was given for the second runway at Manchester, National Trust and Manchester Airport said that this wood would not be touched - Then the other day someone when round marking trees to be felled and then they came in with chainsaws - shame local people got the first and now have tree houses up.

We all know that AMEC & Tarmac are lying bastards but now the National Trust have decided to get into bed with them. Contact them at their head office and try to speak to President or the Chair of the Trustees - don't be fobbed off by the greasy PR department. Better still, why not go and pay the construction industry's new bed fellows a visit!

National Trust - head office
Queens Annes Gate

Tel: 0171 222 9251

This info is brought to you with love from Leeds Earth First!
E-mail: EF!NE
Tel: 0113 262 9365

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