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Date: Tue, 2 Jun 1998 22:23:33 +0100
From: Karl Dickinson (
Subject: Bury Relief Road

Greene King Water Meadow Relief Road - background info + map (Bury St Edmunds)

Recently, I went to the Records office at Bury, to look at the articles from the local newspapers, and there was a piece on it on the local news.

The protesters left the site after a court order was issued to remove them from Greene Kings land. This was about a month or so ago and, since then, the brewery had the go ahead to build the road extension. Recently though, the protesters have made an attempt to take the decision to the high court to over-rule it, and they are prepared to go to the EU over it.

a)  The road will link the brewey car park and the main distribution warehouse to the neighbouring Cullum road and, if built, will be the main entrance to the Bury H.Q.

b)  It is hoped by Greene King that road would remove a total of 200 lorries and 600 cars from the small residential roads of Bury each weekday.

c)  If the road is built, there is still the chance that it will be flooded over with the rest of the meadow. This would mean that the existing entrances, which would close when the new entrance was built, would be opened to let in the traffic. The present entrances are on Friars lane, Westgate street, and Maynewater Lane.

d)  GK claim that the road would reduce the noise in the town and the exhaust emissions.

e)  The road will only be built on 7% of the Butts water meadow. The rest will be managed for nature conservation.

The following is a map which I have copied from the GK leaflet which they sent me.

map of local area

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