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Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 11:31:37 +0000
Subject: SchNEWS 169, 29 May 1998

police threats against BNRR Campaign (Birmingham)


A new twist of the screw is being attempted by Staffordshire Police, in charge of policing protestors on the route of Britains first pay road in Birmingham. On Thursday they called a press conference, and in another attempt to persuade the press and public that all activists are terrorists, started with a video of the squatted cottage evicted recently. As the camera zoomed in on the various defences, a top-cop kept up a running commentary, accusing the people who had lived in the house of booby trapping it "This was a dangerously unsafe building that could have collapsed and killed either a protester or anyone else who might have gone into it. We felt it highlighted the risks and dangers that arise as a direct result of what is termed a peaceful protest". They were also shown footage of other evictions. According to an activist who attended, Mr. Plod then delighted the assembled meeja whores with the news that if anyone, be they a protester, a bailiff, or the police was injured during the eviction, all of those on site would be arrested and charged with "conspiricy to commit murder".

The old bill then spent the rest of the day nailing the following notice to the trees at the site.

"This land or building is being unlawfully occupied by tresspassers in order to prevent a proposed road scheme. It is believed that tunnels, shafts, fortifications and other devices, capable of causing harm to people, are being constructed on the land... By your presence as a tresspasser on this land... you can be assumed to be personally aware that such tunnels, shafts, fortifications... are being constructed. If you were not previously aware, by virtue of having read this notice, you are now. Although the role of the Police in dealing with peaceful and lawful protest is one of complete impartiality, the service does have a duty to maintain the Queens Peace and to protect life and property. You should be aware that any digging or tunneling... are bound to be highly dangerous... such works create an environment in which people can be asphyxiated, not to mention being a fertile breeding ground for disease. You should be aware that... a major criminal enquiry would be conducted by the police. Any person shown to have carried out such works or to have incited, conspired towards or aided and abetted such works, would be liable to arrest and prosecution..."

* No Birmingham Relief Road Camapign - tel: 07970 301978
* Every day in the UK 25 people die prematurely from air pollution - 20% of this pollution is caused by traffic (Source New Scientist) and 15 die on the roads. (Government road accident stastic figures)

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