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Date: Mon, 25 May 1998 19:32:15 +0100
From: Cornerstone Resource Center (
Subject: EF!NE-Summer holiday in Poland?

Antimotorway camp in Poland needs help

Please spread this info as far as it is possible:

The first antimotorway camp in Poland has taken place since 1.05.98. on the St. Anna Mountain near Opole in the south-western Poland. This mountain is a very important place from environmantal, landcscape, historical and cultural grounds. This place is in landscape park. Because in landscapes park it is not allowed to build motorways, the 500m cross terrain along planned motorway was excluded from the park. This divides the Park into 2 pieces.

Now there is about 50 people. They make huts on the trees in several places, and block the buldogers.Till now the action is very succesful but we expect the police action next week. We need as many people as possible.

How to get there?

You must reach Opole (between Wroclaw and Katowice)
From Opole you can get a regional train in direction Kedzierzyn - Kozle. You must get off on the station Jasiona and pass the village in direction to villaage and mountain Swieta Anna. You must turn in direction to Zdzieszowice and Oleszka. From Oleszka it is 5 min. in direction to tha place called Ligota.
By car you must reach Zdzieszowice (from Opole direction Kedierzyn-Kozle, Raciborz). Next you must drive to Zyrowa and Oleszka. From Zdzieszowice or Jasiona it takes 50 min on foot.

What do you need to bring?

your normal tourist equipment: sleepbag, karimate, antirain foil a lot of food, water. And chains, pad-locks (good are bicycle-locks) torch, tools tobuilding hut, digging.No alcohol, drugs please.
If you can: alpinistic equipment, laptop, cellular phone, all kinds of ropes, money.

For up-to-date informations ask  ZB@ZB.MOST.ORG.PL
48/12/4222147 cellular phone to camp
48/0602296558 only in very important cases (acumulators!)

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